Acrobatic track with a width of 0.8 m

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  • length 5 m
  • width 0.8 m
  • height 0.2 m
  • Permissible length from 3 to 20 m
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Inflatable acrobatic track Air-sport is suitable for gymnastics and acrobatics for both beginners and professional training.  The track is easy to fold and transport to the competition, and at home when stored it does not take much space. Due to the durability and possibly the use of professional paths outside the covered premises.

The track is easy to install and easy to move, the estimated time of unfolding the track takes 10-20 minutes depending on the size.

Under the order we will make a track of any size at Your request

It is possible to apply a logo or brand name on the product of any complexity

The main colors for selection: white, grey, blue, light blue

Side: red, white, blue, cyan, yellow, orange, black


Length 10 width 0.8 height 0.2 m

The time of inflation of ~10-20 min.

Comfortable carrying handles

Pressure/blow-off valve

Material production – AirDeck (Ardec)

Maximum load up to 100 kg

Product package

Electric pump;
PVC packing bag with handles;
Repair kit;
Operating manual/passport;
Certificate of conformity.
Operating recommendations
Use of the product is possible only after its full pumping and must be operated on the prepared surface, without sharp objects.

 It is not allowed to use an inflatable structure in the presence of sharp metal objects on clothes (metal zippers, buttons, buttons, fasteners, belts, etc.).

In case of mechanical damage to the product, You can always use the repair kit that comes with the product.

length 5 m
width 0.8 m
height 0.2 m
Permissible length from 3 to 20 m
Temperature regime -5° C to + 40°C
The height of the track under the order 10 sm, 15 sm, 20 sm, 30 sm
Inflating time 10-15 min
Material of manufacture Airdeck
Handles Comfortable carrying handles
Valve Blow-up/blow-off valve
Color palette Main colors: white, gray, blue, cyan Side: red, white, blue, cyan, yellow, orange, black
weight 30 kg
Package size 0.8х0.5х0.4 m
Guarantee 1 year
Manufacture Russia

Как и обещал, оставляю отзыв о полученном товаре. Сработали быстро,как с изготовлением дорожки так и доставкой.
Порадовала комплектация, электрический насос и удобная сумка с ручками,ранее заказывал дорожку в другой компании, они ее обмотали просто стрейтч пленкой, приходилось сворачивать и бросать так в машину.
Еще порадовали сертификаты на изделие, это важно, сейчас столкнулись с проблемой в нашем клубе с разрешительными документами, запросили сертификаты, благо нам их положили. Спасибо от нашего клуба "Forma"

Pros: Хорошая компания

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Product package



 PVC packing bag with handles

 Repair kit

 Operating manual/passport

 Certificate of conformity, hygienic certificate


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