Water banana "Nautilus"

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  • length 8.1 m
  • width 1.4 m
  • height 1.4 m
  • Number of seats 18 seats
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Water banana "Nautilus" – a fictional submarine of captain Nemo from the fantastic works of Jules Verne. And our banana "Nautilus" true, only not the underwater vehicle and the towed water attraction.
"Nautilus" faithfully served its captain, and our banana will faithfully bring income from riding customers on the water surface.
Surprise people with such a banana and give vacationers on the beach unforgettable emotions, everyone will forget about the tan and will want to ride on the banana "Nautilus", and the photo on the banana will be an additional bonus, so You will attract more tourists and raise your sales! After all, our NAUTILUS is a novelty, this has never been done!

Banana is made of reinforced PVC fabric with a density of 850 gr/m2.

PVC technology-hot air welding provides high temperature resistance and strength to water banana, as the weld is more durable and reliable. 

Under the order we will make a banana on Your sizes and colors, specify information at our managers, they with pleasure will answer all Your questions!

 It is possible to apply a logo or brand name on the product of any complexity!


Length 8.1 m, width 3.05 m, height 1.4 
Pumping time ~10 min
Number of seats - 18 
Pressure/blow-off valve

Operating temperature from -30 to +50 degrees

12 month warranty 

Product package:

* Product
* Fur.pump
* PVC packing bag with handles
* Repair kit
* Operating manual/passport
* Certificate of conformity.

Operating recommendations:
Use of the product is possible only after its full pumping and must be operated on the prepared surface, without sharp objects.

It is not allowed to use an inflatable structure in the presence of sharp metal objects on clothes (metal zippers, buttons, buttons, fasteners, belts, etc.).

length 8.1 m
width 1.4 m
height 1.4 m
Number of seats 18 seats
Manufacturing technology Welded joint
Temperature regime - 20° C to + 40°C
Inflating time 20-30 min
Material of manufacture Multilayer reinforced PVC 850 gr/m2
Valve Blow-up/blow-off valve
fastening Towing rings
Color palette Grey, white, orange, yellow, red, blue, black
Package size 1.2х0.8х0.6 m
Guarantee 1year
Manufacture Russia

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Product package



 PVC packing bag with handles

 Repair kit

 Operating manual/passport

 Certificate of conformity, hygienic certificate