The Air-Sport company conducts activity in production and realization of the sports equipment, in particular sports acrobatic paths, mats and other equipment for professional sports and fitness. We present high quality equipment for exercises in acrobatics and gymnastics, which is also available at a price and is not inferior in reliability to leading manufacturers. Our range of mats, acrobatic track, exercise equipment, mini-tramp and wrestling mats. We work with both private and public sports schools, as well as with all companies that need high-quality equipment. Also, cooperation with us can be useful entertainment centers, where trampolines are used to organize children's games.

We manufacture and sell inflatable products from PVC fabric, TPU film and AIRDECK of any complexity

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The main branch of our activity is production of products from PVC fabric – inflatable attractions, slides, pools, figures for a paintball, besides – the extensive range of inflatable water parks and constructions which can be useful in business and in life.

You can order from us inflatable attractions, inflatable sports equipment and other products made according to Your individual sketches!

The products made by us are the best ratio of the price and quality.

Product quality

In the manufacture of inflatable attractions and sports equipment, we always follow the 2nd basic rules – each product must have high quality and good safety. Based on these laws, we prefer to use only high quality materials and components from leading European manufacturers, which makes it possible to greatly increase the duration of use of products.

PVC fabric is a multi-layer material consisting of several layers of fabric. The basis of the fabric is a hard-woven reinforced mesh of polymer filaments, which on both sides is covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Reinforced mesh is a component that increases its reliability and quality.

We use PVC fabric with a density of 650 grams./m. to 1100 C./m. these characteristics indicate that the greater the density the greater the durability and resistance of the product in unintended punctures. It is worth noting that along with the density of the fabric – also increase the weight and price of the finished product. Based on this, we choose fabrics with optimal characteristics, which are time-tested in daily use.

One of the main features of PVC fabric is a large temperature range at which products can be used – from -50 to +70. Also, PVC fabric is resistant to aggressive environment, the fabric does not affect environmental pollution. The fabric retains its properties and integrity even under extreme operating conditions.

Airdeck is a modern material, which is a 2 parallel to the plane of the fabric. They are covered with PVC, and then connected to each other with a polyester mesh, which forms a uniform distance between the planes of the fabric. Airdeck products are able to withstand high pressure. The method of weaving three-dimensional network forms a special surface structure – it is possible to make a special order. The processing of this material is quite complex, but with the help of Airdeck you can make a lot of products that can not be made from ordinary PVC fabric. The main areas of application of The airdeck material are acrobatic paths, Aqua rafts, mats, inflatable floors, doors of pneumatic tents, elements of inflatable water parks and many other products.

The joints of the component parts of PVC fabric is made on technology "hot air welding". The points welded on this technology will be impossible to tear off or tear off any more. This method is not only durable, it also gives the product additional resistance.

In addition to the use of high-quality components, we also maintain constant control over the technological process of manufacturing inflatable products. Compliance with control over the manufacturing process and subsequent verification of products for compliance with quality and strength requirements is an important stage, thanks to which our customers are always satisfied with PVC fabric products of our production.

Cost of products

All our products are made of high quality materials and meet European standards, and their price is several times less than analogues of European production. We are able to achieve such results thanks to the highly professional and organized work of all members of our team. Our company manufactures and sells products for recreation, entertainment and sports. In our assortment there are inflatable slides, pools, water attractions, acrobatic paths, carpets, mats and other production which is made according to individual drawings. We provide a favorable price for high quality products.

Our company is the official manufacturer of inflatable equipment in St. Petersburg. You have the opportunity to purchase inflatable products directly from the manufacturer! By purchasing goods from the manufacturer, You get the product without trade margins and exaggeration of the cost, and therefore - at the best price.

On the relevant sections of the site You can find detailed descriptions of each specific model of our products. You will be able to find all information on products which are turned out by our company, to select by the look or the sizes the product interesting You, and also to place the order according to the individual sketch. In addition, You have the opportunity to contact us with Your idea, and we will design a project for You, and will assist in the implementation of Your idea, if you need to design an inflatable attraction or inflatable figure!

You can order our production with delivery to any point of the Russian Federation and the CIS or other country, as soon as possible delivery will be made.

In our online store You can buy inflatable sports mats, inflatable attractions, as well as buy inflatable gaming equipment at the best prices.