Pool liner

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  • length: 3 м x Width: 3 м
  • length 3 m
  • width 3 m
  • height 0.6 m
  • Manufacturing technology Welded joint
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Sealed liner for the pool (Cup package)– designed to create tightness of existing pools, pits, recesses. Made of high-strength synthetic reinforced PVC fabric with double-sided polymer coating, density 650g./m2, which gives the liner durability and excellent waterproofing.

PVC products have not only high aesthetic qualities, but also completely environmentally friendly and safe, do not have a negative impact on the body.

PVC material is wear-resistant, does not fade, does not fade, does not deform and is not subject to decay and oxidation. Easy to clean and clean. 

The design of the liner in the pool provides safety, reliability and ease of use.

The liner is easy to assemble and disassemble. 

PVC technology-hot air welding provides high heat resistance and strength of the liner, as the seam during welding is more durable and reliable


Size - Diameter 3, height 0.6 m

Installation - metal eyelets in 0.5 m increments.

Podvorot liner - 20 cm 

Material - PVC 650 gr/m2 

Color of manufacture to choose from: blue, blue


* Durability (5 years service life)

* Tightness of the product 

* Easy installation/disassembly

* Security

* Manufacture of any form of liner

It is possible to apply a logo or brand name on the product of any complexity

Product package: 
• Product;
• PVC packing bag with handles;
• Repair kit
• Operating manual/passport;
• Certificate of conformity.

 Operating recommendations:

Insert (Cup package) should be installed on a flat surface, without cutting and stabbing objects.
Do not drag the product along the ground and sand.
In case of mechanical damage to the liner, You can always use the repair kit that comes with it.

length 3 m
width 3 m
height 0.6 m
Manufacturing technology Welded joint
Temperature regime + 5° C to + 40°C
fastening Metal eyelets in 0.5 m increments
Color palette Blue
weight 4 kg
Package size 0.6х0.4х0.3 m
Guarantee 1 year
Manufacture Russia
Recommendation manual for

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Product package


 PVC packing bag with handles

 Repair kit


 Certificate of conformity, hygienic certificate