Water pyramid

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  • length 8 m
  • width 6.7 m
  • height 3 m
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Water pyramid with slides is a popular water attraction for active children and adults. The inflatable pyramid can be used as a separate attraction or combined with other attractions: a water trampoline, swings, Saturn, as well as an inflatable water Park!

Great idea for water rental and entertainment!

The attraction is installed on open water bodies and consists of:

- four inflatable tiers;

 two slides (for the descent into the water);

 -strong handles (to climb the mountain);

 -fixing units (for mounting the pyramid)

 The pyramid is made of dense, reinforced PVC material 850 gr/m2

PVC technology-hot air welding provides the product (water pyramid) with high temperature resistance and strength, welding seam is more durable and reliable. 

12 month warranty  


Length: 8 m

Width: 6.7 m

Height: 3 m

Pumping time ~15-20 min

Comfortable carrying handles

Pressure/blow-off valve

Reinforced mounts for fixing rides

Material - multi-layered reinforced PVC

Weight: 125 kg

Color to choose from: blue, red, white, gray, blue, orange, yellow

It is possible to apply a logo or brand name on the product of any complexity

Product package

Electric pump
PVC packing bag with handles
Repair kit (PVC fabric+glue)
Operating manual/passport
Certificate of conformity.

 Operating recommendations:

Use of the product is possible only after its full pumping and must be operated on the prepared surface, without sharp objects.

 It is not allowed to use an inflatable structure in the presence of sharp metal objects on clothes (metal zippers, buttons, buttons, fasteners, belts, etc.).

In case of mechanical damage to the product, You can always use the repair kit that comes with the product.

length 8 m
width 6.7 m
height 3 m

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