Water swing

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  • length 4.45 m
  • width 1.5 m
  • height 1.15 m
  • Manufacturing technology Welded joint
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Inflatable water swing is a fun and dynamic attraction that will cheer up both children and adults. Everyone remembers all the storm of emotions caused by this favorite attraction of childhood – swing.

The swing is designed for two or four participants and can be made in two versions: single and double.

The principle of the attraction is simple, two people sit opposite each other and shake the swing due to its own weight.

Water swing is made of thick, reinforced PVC 850 gr/m2

PVC technology - hot air welding provides high temperature resistance and strength of the product, as the weld is more durable and reliable. 

12 month warranty 


Length: 4.45 m

Width: 1.5 m 

Height: 1.15 m

Pumping time ~10-15 min

Pressure/blow-off valve

Reinforced mounts for fixing rides

Material - multi-layered reinforced PVC

Product package

Mechanical pump
PVC packing bag with handles
Repair kit
Operating manual/passport
Certificate of conformity.

 Operating recommendations:

Use of the product is possible only after its full pumping and must be operated on the prepared surface, without sharp objects.

 It is not allowed to use an inflatable structure in the presence of sharp metal objects on clothes (metal zippers, buttons, buttons, fasteners, belts, etc.).

In case of mechanical damage to the product, You can always use the repair kit that comes with the product.

length 4.45 m
width 1.5 m
height 1.15 m
Manufacturing technology Welded joint
Temperature regime + 5° C to + 40°C
Inflating time 15-20 min
Material of manufacture Multilayer reinforced PVC 850 gr/m2
Valve Blow-up/blow-off valve
fastening Reinforced mounts for fixing rides
Color palette Grey, white, orange, yellow, red, blue, black
weight 16 kg
Package size 0.7х0.5х0.4 m
Guarantee 1 year
Manufacture Russia

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Product package



 PVC packing bag with handles

 Repair kit

 Operating manual/passport

 Certificate of conformity, hygienic certificate

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